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/ Nidec SR Drives / Motor Model

Nidec, SR Drives, Automotive Electric Motor

Whilst still under development Nidec SR Drives required a replica model of their innovative new electric motor to help showcase the product features, size and appearance.

SR Drives / Nidec, Motor  - SLA / SLS Model
SR Drives / Nidec, Motor  - SLA / SLS Model
SR Drives / Nidec, Motor  - SLA / SLS Model

AME were able to produce a full scale model that replicated not only the appearance of the motor but also the final production finish of the various components.

Using SLS Rapid Prototyping techniques, the body of the motor was created which gave the finished piece added strenth. SLS Prototyping also creates the required textured finish for the 'aluminium' motor body. The 'aluminium' motor body was then dyed to achieve the desired finish.

This project also included the use of SLA Prototyping techniques. SSLA Prototyping  give a smoother, more detailed finish and was used to create the basis of the polished metal finish. AME the used a vacuum metalise process (electrolysis) to complete the nickel plated finish.

The internals of the motor were also created to ensure every detail was highlighted using a mixture of SLA and SLS Prototyping techniques.