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/ CNIguard - Manhole Monitoring System

Cniguard AME group Manhole Monitoring system

A device, suitable for use in extreme environments, that continualy monitors and detects the causes associated with stray voltage and subsequent exploding covers, and relays alerts to utility providers, preventing incidents before they happen.

CNiguard / Manhole Monitoring System  - Validate: CAD
CNiguard / Manhole Monitoring System
CNiguard / Manhole Monitoring System

CNIguard create and deliver infrastructure protection and asset management solutions to the energy, electricity, water, transportation and other vital sectors. Their manhole monitoring system provides an essential early warning alert when a potential issue within a manhole is detected. The advanced sensor technology integrated into the device detects situations such as flooding, smoke, fire or gas and securely relays an alert to a remote device for monitoring.

The MMS unit is placed underground in proximity of the powerlines, monitoring the underground environment, providing warnings to authorities and enabling them to take the necessary preventative measures. The benefits of being able to identify and prevent the problem before it occurs cannot be underestimated, saving money, resources and potentially lives.

For AME, engineering a method of detecting the potential hazards without exposing the integrated technology was the key challenge. Our team of engineers utilised AMEs iterative development process, allowing them to make and test a concept, take what they’ve learnt and implement the findings into a revised design – and repeat until the team had the most appropriate solution.

AME’s low volume production facility provided the ideal platform for our designers to produce and test the proposed designs. CNIguard were able to place working prototypes in the field, and learn valuable insights directly from the end users and utility provides to feedback into the next iteration.

The MMS is now being deployed across a major US metropolis electricity network system.