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SLA Prototyping 3500

SLA prototyping is widely used to verify a design from a 3D CAD model. Components can often be built within a matter of hours and are used to visualise or validate a design quickly and accurately.

Evaluate: SLA - Accura 60
AME Group: SLA (Stereolithography) Machines
Evaluate: SLA - Accura 60, Quick Cast

Our bank of large frame machines can produce components up to 350x350x400mm in size and for larger parts we can split the CAD model, build pieces separately and then join back together. Currently we have materials which replicate PP, ABS white, ABS grey and Clear PC (See data sheets below).

The 3D CAD file is taken and prepared for build by firstly verifying the file for potential flaws and confirming the features can be produced. Once on the SLA machine, the part is built layer by layer (either 0.05mm or 0.1mm depending on chosen resolution) by a laser curing the photo sensitive epoxy.

The build times on our SLA prototyping machines vary, depending on quantity and volume of parts on each build buy can take typically 4 to 24 hours. Different build styles are also available when using SLA prototyping, allowing us to produce solid, hollow and even "quick cast" which are used as sacrificial investment vacuum casting patterns.

AME's skilled workshop staff are then able to impart various grades of finishing to prototypes in order to replicate the desired surface finish. Beginning with the most basic, post-build clean-up and support structure removal all the way to a bright chrome vacuum metalized coating as thin as 0.05mm, AME can achieve the level of finish your SLA prototyping requirements demand.

Using traditional hand finishing skills, the parts we make using SLA prototyping can be given the appearance of virtually any material and surface texture you can imagine; including sparked, matt, satin and gloss finishes. For clear components, we polish to an exceptionally smooth finish before clear-coat lacquering and micro polishing.

Shiny or satin metallic finishes can also be replicated by vacuum metalising in bright chrome, copper and nickel.

For specific SLA prototyping requirements, our flexible approach means that our clients can be in the driving seat, not restricted by limited finishes, textures or colours.