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Jablite, Exhibition Model, Prototype, SLA, SLS

Jablite are the UKs largest producer of building insulation products and called on AME to help overcome a continued issue. How to best showcase their products?

Jablite / Exhibition Model - SLA / SLS Model
Jablite / Exhibition Model - SLA / SLS Model
Jablite / Exhibition Model - SLA / SLS Model

With the launch of the Jablite’s innovative Dynamic Cavity Wall insulation, they approached AME to produce a method of best highlighting the benefits of their new product. The requirement was for a 3D model that would convey the simple principles and features of their building insulation system.

AME’s design team created the concept of a simplified wall structure which featured the buildings airflow and resultant changes in temperature through using the insulation. The design was then realised by AME’s model makers employing a range of prototyping techniques to create a physical model.

AME’s design team used SLS Prototyping techniques to create the thick bulky sections such as the walls. SLS Prototyping gave the brick work a textured finish while adding strength and robustness to the finished piece.

AME’s design team used SLA Prototyping techniques for the more delicate elements which required a finer more accurate finish.

A number of models were produced which were then used by Jablite’s sales representatives which also featured at various exhibitions that Jablite attend each year.