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/ LG Harris / Lock N' Roll

LG Harris, Lock N' Roll, Paint Roller, Quick Release

How do you prevent the common problem of roller slippage when decorating? The answer lies in the Harris ID Lock n Roll roller, with its innovative locking mechanism.

LG Harris / Lock N Roll - Validate 3D CAD
LG Harris / Lock N Roll
LG Harris / Lock N Roll

Acclaimed decorating product manufacturers LG Harris posed this problem to AME to eradicate an issue that has needed solving since the invention of paint rollers. Our design engineers explored a range of potential mechanical solutions, ensuring the results were not just simple to use but also manufacture. The outcome was a simple expanding ring which when activated gripped the inside of the sleeve to hold it in place.

The Lock n’ Roll allows a user to simply place the roller sleeve on the unique cage, flick the lever to activate the internal locking ring, then apply paint whilst the sleeve is securely held in place. This means that the roller never comes off whilst in use and is easy to remove once finished resulting in less mess.