/ LG Harris / Icon Decorating Tools

AME Group, Harris, Icon, Paint Brush

Developed exclusively for B&Q, AME designed the unique ‘Icon’ decorating tools for long term client LG Harris.

LG Harris / Icon - Create: Concept Design
LG Harris / Icon - Create: Concept Development
LG Harris / Icon - Brush & Roller

The brief required a range of products that were lightweight, used less material, whilst still offering excellent ergonomics and no compromises on functionality. The aesthetics were developed to create a product that could have high impact at point of sale.

Early designs explored removing material from non-critical areas, whilst creating focused ergonomic grip areas. By carefully considering where material was removed, the designers were able to create iconic cut through features, thus creating a distinctive design language for the decorating tools market.

AME followed their unique design process to allow the project to progress efficiently. Loose sketches were quickly followed by polished concept visuals, this allowed early buy in from marketing and sales. Later stages included 3D CAD and rapid prototypes produced in house at AME.