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Red Dot Award, AME Group, Product Design, Jigtech

AME joined forces with Yorkshire based Dale Hardware to design the Red Dot Award Winning, Jigtech Pro device. Helping joiners and builders fit door handles and latches in a fraction of the time.

Dale Hardware / JigTech - Create: Concept Design
Dale Hardware / JigTech - Validate: CAD
Dale Hardware / JigTech

Compared to traditional methods, the easy-to-use device saves contractors & fitters up to 20 minutes when installing a handle and latch to interior doors.

The innovative product incorporates an adjustable latch bore and self-centring clamp system that quickly marks out and guides the user when drilling a door. Using the jig alondside Dale’s door furniture, latch, and spacer system simplifys the installation process even further.

Joint Managing Director, Dale Hardware "AME Group have come up with a simple but effective solution to the brief, that sets a new standard for speed and accuracy in the fitting of door handles and latches. This is the first product in the JigTech tool range, AME has helped to create a unique brand proposition that can be implemented across future products. We are delighted with the end result and the Red Dot award is the icing on the cake. ”