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Traditionally foot care is a market sector that has had little design input and is subsequently a product that is kept hidden away in cupboards. AME worked with Scholl to create a new product line of attractive and ergonomic foot files.

Scholl / Foot File
Scholl / Foot File - Create: Ergonomic Model Development
Scholl / Foot File

Scholl approached AME with a brief to redesign their range of foot files. The project was a major opportunity to inject some vitality into a slow moving market sector where little innovation had been applied and for Scholl to cement their position as market leaders. 

The team had the opportunity to explore radical new forms to furnish Scholl with some strong new brand equity. Sketch concepts were delivered along with hand carved models to test form and check ergonomics. The chosen product design solution was a slightly curved profile with gentle creases running down the length; a form that was radically new and different. The files have given Scholl a distinctive and recognisable product that have enabled them to stand out and stay ahead of the competition.