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/ Reckitt Benckiser / Dettol Soap

Soap bar, dettol, Reckitt Benckiser, stacking

Developing markets provide a unique challenge to the point of sale environment. AME designed the Dettol soap bar for Reckitt Benckiser to overcome some of the issues presented.

RB / Dettol Soap - Create: Concept Design
RB / Dettol Soap - Create: Form Analysis, Foam Models
RB / Dettol Soap - Validate: 3D CAD

Unlike Western markets where consumable products are neatly presented on shelf and very often in bespoke display units, developing markets tend to stack items to ensure as much product is on display as possible. There can often be a requirement for products to stack up to 10-15 high.

The challenge presented to AME was to design an interesting and ergonomic shaped bar which would appeal to customers and give Dettol some unique brand equity whilst still being stable when stacked vertically on the shelf. The requirement for a soft pack rather than card box packaging meant that the bars would have to neatly nest on top of each other.

Our response was to generate a wide range of concept forms as ergonomic models, enabling us to assess not only the aesthetics of the bar but also their ability to stack. The preferred shape was then developed in CAD and rolled out across a range of bar weights.