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/ Ultramedic / Medical Infusion Analyser

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Ultramedic, manufacturer and supplier of medical test equipment approached AME to develop a new Infusion Device Analyser. Building on the success of their original product Ultramedic wanted to draw upon AMEs experience of designing medical devices.

Ultramedic / Infusion Device Analyser - Create: Concept Design
Ultramedic / Infusion Device Analyser - Old Vs New
Ultramedic / Infusion Device Analyser

With the implementation of advanced technology it was essential that AME developed a device with a high level of industrial design consideration alongside innovative methods of manufacture. The products aesthetics needed to reflect the functionality of the analyser as well as the medical environment it would be used in and the chosen methods of manufacture had to achieve the target production costs whilst meeting all the regulatory requirements.

Like all projects we have been involved with in the medical and healthcare sectors, the work undertaken for Ultramedic called for a high degree of innovation and technical accuracy. By employing our unique product design and development process we were able generate a range of conceptual solutions for assessment. Utilising our in-house prototyping facilities we also created fully functional prototypes for field trials, ensuring the product was developed in line with user feedback.

Our design engineers were able the realise the original concept by working closely with toolmakers and manufactures to create a solution that not only met the brief but was also simple and efficient to manufacture.

The resulting product was a portable battery operated device used to verify the performance of medical infusion equipment. The analyser was produced using Engineered Structural Foam (ESF) injection moulding ensuring the device was robust, light and flame retardant thus protecting the highly accurate internal measuring instrumentation.

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