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Microbiosensor, Medical Device Design, AME Group, Product Design

Helping in the battle against antibiotic resistance.

Microbiosensor - PD Infection Detection Device
Microbiosensor - PD Infection Detection Device
Microbiosensor - PD Infection Detection Device

The Challenge

The challenge many companies face is how to translate innovative intellectual property (IP) into commercially successful products.

The Outcome

To overcome this AME helped guide start-up, healthcare company, Microbiosensor along the journey of turning potential applications for its infection detection chemistries into commercially viable products. The first being a ground-breaking device that provides an early warning system for infection in peritoneal dialysis patients.

Medical device use is one of the highest risk factors for patient contracting an infection. One particularly susceptible group are patients requiring long term invasive medical device intervention such as kidney dialysis patients. AME planned, created and delivered a development strategy to produce the innovative safety device that provides real-time infection monitoring at the point of care, and helps limit the potential complications of infection for dialysis patients.

AME’s designers undertook extensive user research and created numerous early prototypes to best define the product format. Exploring and understanding the patient’s behaviour and care environment, allowed our designer to develop the most appropriate user experience. Creating a device that was convenient to use, easy to interpret and integrated with existing care, resulted in a product that provided peace of mind for patients giving them the confidence to manage their own day-to-day healthcare needs.

The outcome is an early warning device that with a simple change of colour identifies an escalating infection and the appropriate treatment. Ultimately helping fight multi-drug resistance by improving the management of effective antibiotic drugs and facilitate care away from hospitals to limit growing pressure on the healthcare system.

Fuelled by the success of the peritoneal dialysis, Microbiosensor have been working with AME to develop a range of products utilising their infection detection IP.