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/ N8 Productions / Helmet Cam

Nokia, N8 Productions, Helmet Camera, AME, Protoptype

A big phone requires a big launch and Nokia wanted to make sure that their technology packed flagship N8 smartphone got the attention it deserved.

N8 Productions / Nokia N8, Helmet Camera
N8 Productions / N8, Helmet Camera, Vacuum Castings
N8 Productions / Nokia N8, Helmet Camera

We had the privilege of collaborating with London marketing agency, 1000 Heads to help with the launch of Nokia's new N8 Smartphone.

Nokia put the N8 into the hands of extreme sports men and women 'who had a beef with gravity' to encourage them to share their experiences online, to showcase the N8's new HD video camera and powerful editing software.

Our team designed a set of robust accessories including a helmet mount, wrist strap and waterproof case. The limited edition accessories were required in low volumes, we were able to utilise our in-house low volume production facilities to deliver the products from concept design through to finished items, ready to face their extreme challenges.