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/ Low Volume Production

Low Volume Manufacturing, Yormi

Using numerous prototype and moulding techniques, small batches of production quality parts can be produced on a tight timescale

Production: Low Volume Production, Yormi Pepper Mill
Production: Low Volume Production, Starfish Sonar
Production: Low Volume Production, N8 Helmet Cam

High quality manufacture for low volume production parts can be achieved using SLS or SLA prototyping directly or by vacuum casting parts, or indeed a combination of all techniques.

Low volume production is an ideal manufacturing solution if you require low numbers of high quality parts on a short time scale.

Over-moulding existing components with a soft touch material is common place, along with complete assemblies produced and assembled ready for market.

Low volume production can help save the expense of manufacturing changes when you need to amend your design and is a vital resource for many industries and the changing trends in products.

By taking on low volume production services at AME you can ensure that you always have the right amount of products in stock without having to manufacture too many at the same time.

For more information on our low volume production services and for prototyping help, contact us today.