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With over 1 million units sold worldwide the Smart Suites range of on-desk ergonomic solutions was designed by AME for Fellowes, the multi-national manufacturer of home and office workspace products.

Fellowes / Smart Suites - Create: Concept Development
Fellowes / Smart Suites - Create: Ergonomic Model
Fellowes / Smart Suites - Laptop Riser

Originally designed and targeted solely at European markets the popularity of the Smart Suites range of on-desk ergonomic solutions resulted in it being adopted by the US arm of Fellowes soon after its launch. The continuing popularity has meant the products have become one of the biggest selling ranges in the Fellowes portfolio.

The initial brief to AME was to create a family of products that comprised a lightweight and ergonomic design solution. AME were involved throughout the project’s life, originally analysing market trends within office furniture and exploring contemporary furniture design prior to generating initial design concepts for the range. From there, foam models were created to gain a better understanding of the ergonomics of the range prior to developing the final solutions in 3D CAD ready for production.

“AME helped us to visualise a great new lightweight range for the office environment. They were flexible in their approach and ensured they kept within the parameters of the original design brief. They also enabled Smart Suites to be a well considered and effective product range that hit the market on schedule.” - NPD Manager at Fellowes