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Designed by AME to sit within the Fellowes I-Spire range of products, the Quick Lift Laptop Riser offers the simplicity of a portable laptop stand with additional features in keeping with Fellowes’ reputation for producing ergonomic product solutions.

Fellowes / Quick Lift - Create: Concept Design
Fellowes / Quick Lift - Create: Concept Development
Fellowes / Quick Lift

Typical portable laptop riser stands provide a solution for laptop use whilst remotely working. They fold flat for easy transportation, whilst offering multiple height settings for a correct ergonomic setup. However, comparative product analysis (CPA) exercises conducted by AME identified common restrictions associated with existing risers. The steep angles of operation offered from the highest settings often mean that the stands are incompatible with many laptops sizes or that have restricted openings.

AME initiated the development of the new product by conducting a number of creative workshops with Fellowes to quickly identify potential solutions. Initial ideas focused on creating a design that could eliminate the restrictions identified, and offer compatibility for all laptops sizes.

Following the workshops, the ideas were further refined and included more detailed consideration as to the product aesthetics and the most appropriate mechanism for easy adjustment of the riser angle. AME produced a number of prototypes of the laptop stand using our in-house facilities. This enabled us to validate the ergonomic and mechanical features of the stand as well as consider associated methods of manufacture to ensure the cost of production was in line with the projected product price point.

“All our products are designed and developed to enhance efficiency and the user experience and our new laptop riser is no different. The team at AME Group has created a product which is the complete laptop riser solution.” NPD Manager at Fellowes