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/ 27/5/2015 AME Welcomes Work Experience Student

Megan Iphone Case

This May we were delighted to welcome Megan Lonergan to undertake her student Work Experience here at AME.

Megan Lonergan a student from Saint Pius High School in Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham joined AME this May to carry out her school work experience. Megan is currently studying Design at High School and looking to have a career in the Industry when she leaves.

Megan’s work experience involved creating a design for a product and turning that design into reality. Megan chose to do her own unique iPhone 5 case. She prepared several sketches of various designs and then selected the one she preferred. Her final design was a brightly coloured case and incorporated a maze game cartoon character.

Mentored by our in house Product Design team, Megan translated the chosen drawings into a 3D CAD model. The CAD data was then used to make a prototype of the model. With the help of our prototyping production team, Megan selected our SLA prototyping process, building the case in a replicant polypropylene material on our high resolution machine to replicate the fine detailing of her design. Once the case was tested with the phone a final model was printed for Megan to finish by hand and add her personal touches.

The end product was great testament to Megan’s hard work and her creativeness in design. It was a pleasure to have Megan as part of the team here and we wish her all the luck with her schooling and her future career, hopefully in Product Design.

Well done Megan!!