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Tour Caddie, Propod, golf, motorised golf trolley

A new and radical approach to the design and manufacture of the industry standard golf trolley and golf bag. The Tour Caddie Propod designed by AME for Mike Powell Design is a unique monocoque motorised all-in-one solution.

Tour Caddie / Golf Trolley
Tour Caddie / Golf Trolley
Tour Caddie / Golf Trolley

The all-in-one battery powered pod incorporates three lightweight modules for transportation, easy handling and simple assembly ready for the course. The effortless progressive steering is achieved by the unique joystick controller, whilst the built in control panel and GPS range finder all help let the player concentrate on their game. Other unique features include weather sealed storage compartments, an insulated drinks compartment, a wheel cleaning system and the ability to personalise the Propod with a range of colour and trim options.

AME helped develop the concept presented by Mike Powell. Initial ideas explored not only the aesthetics of the product but also the size, configuration and construction of the Propod. Identifying the most appropriate and cost effective methods of manufacturing, AME ensured that the final design solution encompassed the range of unique features whilst delivering consumer appeal and a product that could be manufactured to a target cost.

The result was to generate a scale appearance model of the final design to enable Mike Powell Design to promote the innovative Propod. Mike Powell Design is now actively looking for a Licensee to bring the product to market.