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/ Appearance models

Appearance Model, SLA, Golf Trolley

Real life looking models produced from a variety of processes, to produce a part or assembly of parts to look just like the end product a high quality test prototype.

Marketing: Appearance Model - LG Harris Paint Brush
Marketing: Appearance Model - Nidec, Motor
Marketing: Appearance Model - Propod, Golf Trolley


Appearance models can provide the necessary visual impact that can really sell a product... before production even begins.

These prototypes are an important part of new product development to allow you to see the end product.

Appearance Models can be produced using our SLA, SLS prototyping or vacuum casting processes.

AME have a proven track record delivering visual models for product photography, design evaluation and consumer testing. These appearance models are excellent for taking to shows, meetings and exhibitions.

Bringing together all our expertise, AME can produce a test prototype from a purely visual model all the way to fully functional, multi process, prototypes.