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Saitek Command Pad

With the requirement of a product to be designed, developed and on the shelf within 6 months, Saitek approached AME to create an innovative PC game controller, offering the full functionality of a keyboard in a small single handed device.

 Saitek / Command Pad - Create: Concept Design
 Saitek / Command Pad - Create: Concept Design
 Saitek / Command Pad - Create: Ergonomic Foam Model

Scoping the project from the outset by researching the end user and market factors, AME then went on to deliver a phase of concept design and development, a selection of ergonomic foam models as well as initial CAD.

AME worked alongside professional game testers to ensure the product delivered both the functional requirements and ergonomic features for a product that could be used for prolonged periods. Significant emphasis was also placed on the product design aesthetics, the design was required to carry design cues from other products within Saitek’s range and appeal to the target user.

Launched internationally within the 6 month timescale, the Command Pad was on shelf in time for Christmas and received an enthusiastic response for retailers and gamers.

 "This project required an extremely tight turnaround. AME delivered a product that has met our best expectations and is receiving a great market reaction." - Saitek, Principle Designer