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/ 19/9/2016 New addition to our SLA offering

SLA, High Resolution, AME Group, Rapid Prototyping

We’re moving into Autumn with a new addition to our bank of 3D printers.

The high resolution (HR) 3D Systems SLA printer adds to the capacity of our existing prototyping offering, meaning we can continue to produce high quality prototpyes whilst reducing customer lead times even further.

The HR SLA (stereolithographic apparatus) machine creates fine-detailed prototypes by curing photosensitive resin with a laser, building layers as thin as 0.05mm. It has the ability to create parts with flexible, rigid and clear properties in many plastic replica materials and unlike our standard SLS machines the printer can create small prototype parts with very intricate details.

3D printing allows manufacturers and designers, like ourselves, to verify and test designs quickly. This potentially reduces cost and risk throughout the product development process.

We can create production quality parts in low volumes at significantly lower costs to that of traditional methods such as injection moulding; this has been a great advantage of our services for many clients.

Did you know… the first rapid prototype was filed by Dr.Kodama in Japan, 1980 and the first SLA machine was invented by Charles Hall in 1983. There are now several different ways you can print something in 3D form, with the most common processes being SLA and FDM (fused deposition modelling).

For more information on our 3D printing services or for a quote on your prototyping requirements please get in contact.