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/ Viper (High Resolution) SLA Prototyping

SLA (Viper)

We use the Viper SLA system to produce parts in high resolution enabling very fine detail to be replicated. The Viper SLA prototyping system can build in extremely fine layers, 0.05mm and the fine point laser beam can build sections down as small as 0.3mm

Evaluate: SLA (Viper), High Resolution - Xtreme, Identicom
AME Group: SLA Viper, High Resolution
Evaluate: SLA (Viper), High Resolution - Xtreme

This fine resolution means that the surface finish is excellent with minimal manual finishing required.

This method of SLA prototyping is popular with small products, our Viper SLA machine can reach a high level of quality on extremely small components, continuing the high quality service we provide from the largest to the smallest methods of SLA prototyping.

The fine point laser beam means that components that have very small intricate details, can be produced accurately using Viper SLA prototyping.

The Viper can build parts in materials that replicate PC, ABS and PC.

For more information on Viper SLA prototyping download the data sheets below.