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/ 18/2/2015 SLS Project - BHP Harwood Architects LLP

AME - BHP Harwood Architects, SLS Model

Our time at this years TCT show proved successful in meeting new clients and highlighting the benefits of the prototyping services we offer outside of their typical application. One of those was BHP Harwood Architects LLP.

Experienced architects BHP Harwood were commissioned to design a new residential building, and as part of the deliverables they required a scale architectural model to help visualize the design.

BHP Harwood approached AME to help produce the most suitable model to best showcase the building. They opted to use our SLS rapid prototyping process. Produced from nylon, SLS offers architects the results of traditional hand-made architectural models but often at a fraction of the cost and within much shorter lead times.

The result was a model that enabled BHP Harwood’s client to easily visualize the proposed design, viewing the building at all angles, even down to internal architectural features such as the staircase

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