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Architectural Model - AME Group

AME utilise a multitude of state of the art techniques to produce architectural models to effectively communicate design ideas

Nothing provides a tangible representation of a finished project quite like a 3D architectural model that you can view freely from a variety of angles, including being able to look inside.

Traditionally architects, planners, engineers and designers have relied on hand-made, to-scale architectural models for visual displays of their work as it is unveiled to clients, stakeholders or members of the public. However this process can often prove to be both expensive and time-consuming.

The team at AME has built up a strong reputation for offering full in-house rapid prototyping services delivered by bringing skilled craftsmen and innovative technology together.

Our flexibility and the diversity of products we are involved with is part of our unique identity. So we can apply our expertise to creating sophisticated and cost-effective architectural models from your 3D CAD data to convey any kind of vision.

We have produced cityscapes, engineering masterpieces and sports stadiums, as well as creating models to present structures as simple as a single flight of stairs! We will work with you to bring your vision to life in an amazing architectural model!

We often combine progressive techniques with traditional model-making skills to create a highly authentic version of the finished article aimed at inspiring those who look at it. Our architectural models are created to an extremely high standard so you can proudly display them at presentations and shows.

Most of the equipment in AME’s Yorkshire workshops is laser-based. We use a relatively fast process called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS prototyping) where the laser ‘fuses’ nylon powder in layers to achieve a robust but finely detailed finish that is second to none.

Another technique used to create architectural models is Stereolithography (SLA prototyping), when a laser is used to ‘cure’ a photosensitive liquid resin in layers. With this technology, workshop staff use hand-finishing skills to produce textures or colours as required.

What we can do is only limited by imagination. We can give architectural models a metallic or high gloss finish or an undulating surface – the choice is entirely down to the client.

Please get in touch to find out how our team can help you to capture your vision, however simple or grand.