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/ Vacuum casting

Vacuum Casting

Ideally suited to producing duplicate components of correct colour and texture, the vacuum cast components can replicate the 'production intent' materials.

Marketing: Vacuum Casting - Two Shot Moulding
Marketing: Vacuum Casting - Two Shot Moulding
Marketing: Vacuum Casting - Castrol Signage

When multiple components are required, vacuum casting is a cost effective alternative to injection moulding for low volume production.

Using SLA prototyping to create a new part or an existing part as the master model, a mould cavity is produced from silicone rubber into which a wide range of resin materials can then be cast. Extremely fine detail and surface finish can be reproduced using this method and poured under vacuum, the 2-part polyurethane resins ensure bubble free parts time after time.

Depending on part geometry, the silicone tool can be used to cast up to 25 parts and for larger quantities multi-impression tools can be produced.

There are many available resins to simulate 'production intent' materials and provide additional properties such as fire resistance where necessary. Most resins can be colour matched to pantone references to create a colourful test prototype.

For low part volumes vacuum casting is an accurate, repeatable and cost effective production method.

For more information on vacuum casting or to enquire about our other rapid prototyping methods, contact us today.