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Direct Manufacturing, SLS Prototype

Using our wide range of in-house prototyping equipment, we can directly produce components which can be used for low volume production applications.

Production: Direct Manufacturing
Production: Direct Manufacturing
Production: Direct Manufacturing

Modern prototyping technologies and materials now allow production of quality parts to be manufactured directly "off machine". Either SLS prototyping (Nylon) or SLA prototyping (PP, ABS, PC or ceramic replica) methods can be used to produce parts.

Multiple pieces can be manufactured simultaneously, resulting in parts being produced in a fraction of the time of traditional manufacturing methods.

If you are a small business or are in the product development stage then direct manufacture is a good solution. This low volume production service will ensure you have the ideal number of parts available, all manufactured to a high standard, without having to order them in bulk.

Direct manufacturing negates the need for expensive and potentially slow tooling and is an ideal method for lower quantities or indeed bridging the gap to higher volume production methods.

One great reason for directly manufacturing parts is there are no real limitations to your design. Undercuts are no issue, in fact we can produce hollow parts, and even a ship in a bottle!

Another advantage is that the parts in question can be continually evolved, without expensive tooling modifications. The design of each batch can be revised with no cost or time penalties.

For more information about direct manufacturing, low volume production or any of our rapid prototyping methods, contact us today.