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/ Space models

SLS, Space Model, Hand Drill

Using various prototyping techniques, we can produce physical space models to enable the assessment of your design's form, scale and ergonomics.

Marketing: Foam Model - Hand Tool Assessment
Marketing: Foam Model - Jigsaw Ergonomic Model
Marketing: Space Model - Lenor Bottle

On completion of your chosen 3D CAD model a test prototype can be produced. The assembly is taken and usually shelled and all internal detail and features removed.

The space model can be produced in either SLA or SLS prototyping, depending on wall section and material requirements.

Space models have many uses and can be used as a design aid, assist with packaging design, or production line evaluation just to name a few. A finished model can be of a basic finish, right through to fully finished, painted or coated depending upon requirements.

Alternatively hand sculpted or CNC foam models can be produced. Usually produced from low density foam the models are in many cases created prior to the generation of 3D CAD. T

The foam models can effectively be used to assess varying design iterations and are a very rudimentary form of test prototype which can be used to validate design’s initial draft.