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Using a variety of in-house rapid prototyping machines and technologies, your chosen design can be produced quickly and cost effectively with our rapid prototyping solutions.

AME's collection of rapid prototyping technologies, or "3D printers" as they have become generally known, can add value to your product development process by minimizing costly errors and omissions.

Being able to evaluate a physical three dimensional prototype of your chosen design not only confirms your design intent, but gives a clear indication of the physical size of the product and any potential design flaws or areas of concern.

The flexibility of incorporating differing technologies such as SLA Prototyping (Stereo Lithography) and SLS Prototyping (Selective Laser Sintering) along with numerous materials for each process enables the user to evaluate different materials at an early stage in the design process.

We currently run a number of materials to replicate PP, Nylon, ABS, Glass filled Nylon, Clear PC and ceramic filled (high temperature resistant), allowing near production mechanical properties to be achieved. High accuracy, good surface finish and a variety of materials are just some of the advantages of our rapid prototyping technologies. Combine this with AME's team of skilled model makers and you can be assured your evaluation prototype will be ready to perform.


SLA Prototyping 3500

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