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The Spin Brush pre-wash stain removal tool was created for market leading US laundry detergent brand Tide. Developed for Proctor & Gamble the brush was created in response to customer requirements identified through a number of consumer focus groups.

Tide / Spin Brush - Validate: 3D CAD
Tide / Spin Brush - Validate: Prototypes
Tide / Spin Brush

Introduced as a brand extension to the Tide range, the Stain Brush was developed as an effective method of pre-treating stubborn stains on a range of garments. The handheld battery powered device gently works detergent into the stain prior to washing.

AME developed the Spin Brush with Proctor and Gamble's internal team from concept to manufacture. Initially working with brand and marketing managers, the product was a result of AME’s involvement in focus groups, identifying consumer problems and requirements. The project progressed from sketch concepts to ergonomic models and functional prototypes through to detailed CAD for mass manufacture.