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/ Straight / Battery Bin

Due to a change in government legislation, retailers who sell batteries must offer the option for consumers to return used batteries for disposal. Straight PLC, providers of waste and recycling products contacted AME to provide a solution.

Straight / Battery Bin - Create: Concept Design
Straight / Battery Bin - Product Range
Straight / Battery Bin

With orders already being placed with Straight for a battery disposal solution, the requirement to respond quickly to the brief was an important factor in approaching AME. AME’s response was to create a range of concepts exploring methods of disposal for consumers whilst also considering the ergonomic challenges faced with emptying the bin once full. We created a range of ergonomic models to assess the suitability before working in Solidworks to produce CAD data suitable for manufacture.

The development included close liaison with UK manufacturers meaning the product could be brought to market in the shortest timeframe possible. The final solution was designed to encourage use in high traffic retail locations such as supermarkets, have an eye-catching appearance and enable safe collection and disposal of the used batteries.