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/ LG Harris / T-Class, Delta Tools

LG Harris, T-Class, Delta, Scraper, Putty knife, chisel knife,

As part of their on-going new product development strategy, LG Harris tasked AME with extending their line of T-Class professional decorator's range by designing the Delta range of painter tools to sit alongside existing brush and roller products.

LG Harris / Delta - Create: Concept Design
LG Harris / Delta - Validate: 3D CAD
LG Harris / Delta

With the requirement to generate a product that was not only durable but comfortable to use, AME presented a range of concept options to Harris. These include sketches and foam models for ergonomic assessment followed by the development of the design in 3D CAD. AME were then able to produce SLA models in house for the LG Harris team to approve followed by liaison with their toolmakers to facilitate the manufacturing process.

Working within a strict timeframe, AME were able to create a product that met the high expectations of a professional decorator's tool and reflect the quality associated with Harris’s products.