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/ LG Harris / Gel Paint Brush

Paint Brush, AME Group, Product Design

AME have built a long term relationship with successful British manufacturer of decorating products, LG Harris, helping support their continual programme of product development and innovation.

LG Harris / Gel Paint Brush - Create: Concept Design
LG Harris / Gel Paint Brush - Validate: 3D CAD
LG Harris / Gel Paint Brush - Product Range

Having built their reputation on manufacturing products that are reliable, innovative and consistently high quality, Harris approached AME to develop a new range of decorating tools that would continue to differentiate them in a highly competitive marketplace. Exploring the principles of a conformal grip handle to improve the ergonomics and comfort of traditional decorating tools, AME developed the concept of the Gel, brush and tool handle. Strategically positioned gel pads helped relieve stress and fatigue when using decorating tools over long periods.

Using AME’s unique product development process, we were able to generate a range of concept solutions for Harris exploring potential methods of implementing the gel pads in the various handle designs. The concepts were then refined and developed in 3D CAD to enable the mass manufacture of the various handles at a low cost whilst ensuring they were produced to Harris’s high quality standards.

“The introduction of the new ID Gel range marks a significant development in brushes and tools. The range is aimed at those keen and interested in DIY and who are prepared to pay a little more for products professionally designed to make the job easier and the product more comfortable to use. Careful design and real comfort in use have been paramount in the development of the range. We believe that ID Gel will be a successful addition to the Harris family of quality products.” - Suzanne Harrison, Marketing Manager