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Kandoo, Shampoo, Bottle

Aimed to distinguish the new Kandoo kids shampoo from the core range of Proctor and Gamble products, AME designed packaging accessories to endorse the fun and educational message of the Kandoo brand.

Kandoo / Shampoo - Create: Concept Design
Kandoo / Shampoo - Create: Concept Development
Kandoo / Shampoo

With the introduction of a shampoo to the Kandoo range of products, there was a requirement to differentiate the new product from the existing hand soap and hand sanitizers. Having to maintain the core brand values of Kandoo, the new packing had to be fun whilst still easy to use and build on the principles of education in the bathroom.

The resultant packaging was a pump dispense bottle with the addition of the Kandoo Frog cartoon character accessories, based around an underwater theme. The fun yet ergonomically designed packaging also incorporated graphics to show children how to use them.

The project was a result of the long term relationship between AME and Proctor & Gamble, and our involvement across an extensive range of P&G brands and product categories.