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Designed to enhance comfort and performance in the workplace and home office, AME worked with Fellowes to develop a range of foot supports to enhance their current offering of products.

 Fellowes / Foot Support - Energizer
Fellowes / Foot Support - Refresh
Fellowes / Foot Support - Refresh

Aimed at improving posture and circulation while sitting at your desk for prolonged periods AME designed and developed two alternative foot supports for Fellowes. Targeted at varying price points it was critical that the products were differentiated by their functionality whilst retaining the necessary ergonomic features.

The product development process initially involved AME developing a range of ergonomic test models to asses the products functionality prior to exploring additional features aimed at improving comfort and circulation. The ‘Energizer’ support incorporates innovative rubber massaging textures to relieve stress and rejuvenate feet, while the ‘Refresh’ support features a vented platform to allow air to circulate around the users feet.

Developed from concept to manufacture by AME the products were successfully accredited to the EU Health and Safety Legislation after an assessment by FIRA International, an Independent Ergonomic Consultancy.