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/ Everbuild / Seal Rite, Tape Dispenser

Everbuild, Seal Rite, Tape Dispenser, Silicone sealant applicator

Everbuild, market leaders specialising in building products for the trade, tasked AME Group with solving the problem of how to produce the perfect tile edge seal every time.

Everbuild / Seal Rite - Create: Concept Development
Everbuild / Seal Rite
Everbuild / Seal Rite

Everbuild needed a product to solve a problem than no-one had been able to crack before. With one of Everbuild’s biggest selling product lines being their kitchen and bathroom silicone, how was it possible to run a perfect bead of silicone down a tiled corner? The answer, the Everbuild Seal Rite Dispenser, designed by AME, allows a user of any skill level to do just that.

AME devised a device that enabled a user to apply a strip of tape at a given distance away from the wall on either side of a corner. Silicone can be applied between the tapes and once removed leaves the perfect liner seal every time, enabling both Tradesmen and DIY’ers to eliminating both mess and wastage.