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/ CMD / Snug CPU Support

CMD, CPU Support, Snug, Ergonomic, under desk

Designed to keep your computer out of the way and free from damage, the Snug CPU holder was designed by AME for premium office product manufacture, CMD.

CMD / Snug, CPU Support - Create: Concept Design
CMD / Snug, CPU Support
CMD / Snug, CPU Support

In many commercial offices, space is at a premium. Designed for CMD, Snug creates room on a user’s desktop or floor by suspending their CPU from under the desk. This means the CPU is protected from damage whilst giving employees the space they need to think and operate comfortably.

The CPU sits on a metal platform which is then secured in place a by an adjustable strap system. The system is designed to allow the user to position and secure their CPU with ease as well as being fully adjustable to accommodate a range of CPUs.

Developing Snug from initial concept through to manufacture allowed AME to explore how the design of the product could become a lot simpler than existing CPU holders on the market and other products in CMD’s range. The result was not only to simplify the method of adjustment but also to analyse how the product would be manufactured. The end product incorporated fewer components, the methods of manufacturer were much simpler and a move away from complex mouldings meant the capital investment in mould tools was significantly reduced.