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Banner image for the validate stage in the product design process

The final stage in the product design process is the Validate phase, where the selected design concept(s) is developed and specified for production.

Validate: 3D CAD
Validate: Finite Element Analysis - Stress Analysis
Validate: Design for Manufacture - Mould Tool

The chosen design concept is generated in 3D CAD allowing the design to be further refined and manufacturing requirements considered in greater detail. Suitable manufacturing partners can be selected and approached at this stage and accurate costs of production can be gathered. For low volume production our in-house facilities can provide cost effective manufacturing solutions.

Stages in the ‘Validate’ phase of the AME’s product development process include:

Design Development - The earlier stages have helped narrow the focus of the project to a single proposal. This phase is about ensuring design intent for eventual production, and usually includes 3D CAD modeling to prove the form and function of the product.

Prototyping – Utilising the CAD data generated AME provide a range of in-house Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing techniques including SLA & SLA to quickly validate the physical properties of a design. Prototyping is ideal for identify any potential issues that may arise prior to committing to the high costs associated with mass production and can significantly reduce the risk, time and cost of bringing a product to market.

Alternative prototyping methods may include the generation of photo realistic renders or animations of the design to quickly visualise the final product.

Testing – Testing of a design may be required prior to volume production should the product require any industry specific or government standards. Testing can often be done using physical or virtual techniques such as FEA (Finite Element Analysis).

Mass Production – The final stage of the product design process is to produce the product in high volumes. We can ensure that the most appropriate specialist is chosen for this stage using our network of industry specialists. Alternatively we can provide in-house low volume production facilities.

The product design process will draw to a close with a smooth handover to volume production before products are released into the market.

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