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Banner image for the insight phase of the product design process

The ‘insight’ stage of our product development process actively engages with users through a range of research tools to gather information that will drive the design of a product.

Insight: Project Scoping - Trend Analysis
Insight: Project Scoping - Market Analysis
Insight: Project Scoping - User Experience

The ‘insight’ stage connects the creative design team with all project stakeholders, whether they are brand and marketing managers, internal design teams or end users. The aim is to understand user requirements, identify potential product features and explore emerging trends. The quality of the information gathered here can directly influence the effectiveness of the product development process and the final product solution. The best designed products result from understanding the needs of the people who will use them.

We provide a range of tools that can be implemented at this stage. Whether it be putting a designer within the context of a product environment, to consumer workshops assessing existing products and/or presenting and gauging reaction to potential new product opportunities.

As part of the product development process the typical result of the ‘Insight’ phase will be a report highlighting the findings and providing a range of recommendations as to potential product solutions/opportunities. The information here will directly impact and drive the success of the final product outcome.

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