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Banner image for the create phase in the  product design process

Driven by a client brief or directed by the finding and recommendation of the ‘Insight’ phase the ‘Create’ stage culminates in the conceptual design of a physical product, packaging design, graphic or brand.

 Create: Concept Design - Creative Workshop
Create: Concept Design - Sketch Book
Create: Concept Development - Sketch Refinement, Sketch Models

This stage involves a series of different tools which help narrow the product remit and create the most appropriate product design solution.

Stages in the ‘Create’ phase of the AME’s product development process include:

Creative Workshops – Workshops can be a key tool to utilize in the initial stages of the product development process and can include any stakeholders involved in the project. The workshops use several divergent and convergent exercises to create a number of creative concepts and rationalise the most appropriate ideas for further development.

Concept Design - This phase involves the creation of a range of concepts that offer key benefits and are in response to information presented in the brief and gathered in the previous stages. The output of this stage is usually a sketchbook of conceptual design ideas showing progression of thinking and offering a breath of design options in terms of complexity, innovation and differentiation.

Concept Development - Ideas generated in the ‘concept design’ stage will be reviewed by both the client and design team, this will include analysing the influencing factors such as consumer insight and how well the concepts accommodate these. The proposed concepts will then be pursued in the form of more detailed sketches, renderings, foam models and often 2D or 3D CAD to describe the architecture and technical intent.

The aim of ‘create’ phase of the new product development process is to realise a technically accurate visualisation of the proposed design concepts, the output of which can be reliably evaluated by the client and consumers alike.

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