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/ 7/11/2013 Rapid Prototyping Guide

AME Rapid Prototyping Guide, SLA SLS

The RP Guide is a set of prototype samples produced by AME Group to assist you with the prototyping process.

AME Group offer a number of materials for our SLA and SLS prototyping services and with the increasing improvements in materials, whether it is the mechanical or aesthetic properties, it can be a little confusing to decide which one is most suitable for an individual application. To help in finding the most appropriate solution we have created the RP (Rapid Prototyping) Guide. Containing a set of samples the guide showcases a selection of the different material and processes we have available.

One benefit of the sample box is our customers can easily identify the most appropriate process and material to gain even better advantages, adding further value to their prototypes.

The individual swatch pieces have been specially designed in different cross sections so the user can determine the flexibility, toughness and clarity of each process and specific material. This gives our clients the ability to assess how your prototype will behave both mechanically and aesthetically.

For further information on the RP Guide or the services we offer please get in touch