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/ 11/3/2014 Industrial Design

Industrial design banner - AME Group

AME are helping the UK to stake its claim as a centre of excellence for industrial design by delivering innovative solutions to bring new products to market and reinvigorate existing ones.

AME's in-house team was established over 14 years ago to complement and integrate with the company’s thriving rapid prototyping business in order to offer a complete industrial design service. Since then we have developed relationships with clients in the UK and abroad, from large multinational brands to fledgling start-up businesses. Our creative expertise cuts across a diverse range of products and sectors, including consumer electronics to medical and fast-moving consumable goods.

Our team has a passion for creating the very best industrial design solutions that help our clients achieve success and continued growth. Our aim is to assist clients in negotiating the Industrial Design process smoothly and efficiently, from the initial brief to a product reaching the market. Developed in-house we adhere to our unique and clear design process. Our ‘Formula Guide’ swatch breaks the design process into the three key phases - Insight, Create and Validate. Each of these stages contains a sub-set of design tools for us to utilise. With the realisation that not every project or client is the same,, the right combination of tools can be selected to achieve the desired result. More importantly, this gives our clients the reassurance of knowing at all stages of the development process what we are doing and why we are doing it.

The AME approach is all about making things better for consumers and end users so that your products will sell and your business will grow. We can help narrow a product’s remit and ensure that the most appropriate solution is delivered. This, in turn, will help your products stand out from those made by competitors, reinforce your brand, and create potential new business opportunities.

We relish a tough industrial design challenge. For example Land, specialists in the design and manufacture of monitors and analysers for industrial applications, came to us for help to design a monitor at that would be located at the top of an industrial chimney, used to measure the opacity and dust concentration of its emissions. In response we designed a product that could withstand such an extreme environment whilst being easy to install, set up and service.

Please take a look at some of the other products we have been involved in designing and do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can potentially boost your business.